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In the Book of Genesis in the Hebrew testament, God walks with Adam in the Garden and gives him and Eve dominion over the land, asking them to take care of….well, the whole planet basically. Since that time, humans have done good at points and done bad at points when it comes to gratefully and reverently caring for the world that was given to us.

“Reduce, Reuse, Recyle” has become the most current slogan for getting folks to consider their consumptive habits as humans, and while “recycle” seems to be the action most folks are paying attention to in that exhortation, “reuse” is a powerful action verb too.

When it comes to Wheels of Hope, we’re all about “reuse.”  Our mission of seeking wheelchair donations, repairing those wheelchairs, and then distributing them to the needy in third world countries as part of the bigger picture of showing them the love of Jesus, truly encapsulates that second “R” – Reuse – and adds a fourth “R” as well….Redemption. Those who donate to Wheels of Hope are helping to redeem the lives of the poor and broken in faraway places, as well as introducing them to the King of Kings who can truly redeem them in this life and for all eternity.

Won’t you join us in spreading the 4 “R”s with a support donation sometime soon? We know quite a few needy people who’ll never get the chance to meet you in this world, but will be grateful for the rest of their days for your help.

— Daiv

Woody Woodson of our partnership with Vine International in Guatemala, has told us that the container has arrived and has been unloaded. We pray that each item will bless the recipient and that they may be open to the gospel if they are not already believers.

— Patrick

I found this article very interesting, having been raised a liberal in a giving environment. Apparently what was true in the United States in the 1960s has changed, and those “greedy big-business” types are out giving the liberals several times over!

A large, non-partisan survey in the late 1990s “found that those who were against higher levels of government redistribution privately gave four times as much money, on average, as people who were in favor of redistribution.”

Maybe our readers are not as suprised as I am by this. For those who are, more can be read here:

— Lynda

We are excited to announce our new blog, where our partnering ministries can add stories and photos of wheelchair recipients from the field, and their own news updates and prayer requests. We’re excited to increase our ability to get more news out, more quickly, to our readers who care.

Look for weekly warehouse updates and photos from our Director of Operations and our volunteers.

In the right column, our Recent Newsletters page has links to our printable newsletters in pdf format. Save printing and mailing expenses for Wheels of Hope by getting all the good news at a simple click.

Three cheers for technology!

— Lynda

“Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” —Romans 5:5