It’s just a coincidence that Good Friday and Earth Day occurred on the same day this year, but what a wonderful coincidence it is! Earth Day is really about redeeming the planet from the irresponsible ways we have lived upon it since the Industrial Revolution. Good Friday is really about God redeeming mankind from the irresponsible ways we have lived our lives ever since good old Adam and Eve messed up and sent us spiraling out of control from The Garden.

It’s “funny” that some folks look at Jesus as a victim on Good Friday, since he clearly knew what he was getting in to and came to Earth exactly for the purpose that was activated when he was crucified. Of course, Easter makes it all clear that he knew just what he was doing and that God had the power to raise him even from death. Hallelujah!

Wheels of Hope is also about redemption – redeeming the lives of the unfortunate in developing nations by supplying them with wheelchair donations and other mobility aids. Please consider helping us at this very special, very powerful time of the year. We are always looking for volunteers, financial contributions, wheelchair donations, as well as your prayers that God will continue to bless our efforts and this wheelchair ministry.

Happy “Resurrection Day” every day to you from Wheels of Hope!!!